I grew up in a small town

I was born and raised in Pontianak, one of the handful cities where Chinese community has thrived on as a minority group in the archipelago. It is a mid-sized city with humid temperature, steamy days all year long. In 2001, I left my hometown to study in another city and never looked back. This city had always looked rather sad for me.

The house where I stayed with my parents and two other siblings was located along a major street. It was a 3 story townhouse. My father ran a textile shop in the ground floor and we lived in the two floor spaces above it. I never really given it much thought but once I left the city I realize that I was never fond of living in the house. At first I thought I wanted a proper house with a garden, not a townhouse-for-business purpose where you never felt like having a privacy. But later I knew the house and the city never took my liking. The house lacked warmth of a family house while the city was not vibrant enough. It was just a place to get by day by day. Continue reading